Mt Assiniboine via Mt Shark Trailhead, Rockies

In August 2013, my friend Dean and I backpacked into Mt Assiniboine Provincial Park for an epic 3 day trip. It’s a spectacular area with a lot of scenic variety and is one of the best backpacking destinations in the Rockies. Our original plan was to hike in from Sunshine Meadows via Citadel Pass but unfortunately earlier that year some major flooding wiped out the road to that trailhead, so we opted to begin at the less exciting Mt Shark trailhead in Kananaskis Country, which involved a long stretch of dull hiking along a viewless gravel road. Once over Assiniboine Pass, we were rewarded with an awesome view of the star attraction, Mt Assiniboine, which salvaged the day. It’s a cool looking mountain that reminded me a bit of the Matterhorn in Switzerland.

The campsite at Lake Magog (it’s not actually on the shore but uphill from the lake) was mostly full but we lucked out and got a good spot. There is an open sided cooking shelter there that came in handy when a nasty but short lived thunderstorm blew through right above us. Not far away is the Assiniboine Lodge which is kind enough to let smelly, dirty campers like us pop by for afternoon tea for a reasonable price. Their banana bread was amazing, so I highly recommend dropping by.

On the last day we took a different route back to the Mt Shark Trailhead, opting to go throughth aptly named Wonder Pass and along Marvel Lake before rejoining the gravel road we walked on the first day. It’s a long day but worth it for the scenery.

If you are entering / exiting from the Sunshine Village trailhead and Citadel Pass, you can easily hike to Wonder Pass as a day hike from Lake Magog.

Day 1: Mt Shark trailhead. Long hike to Lake Magog via Assiniboine Pass.

Day 2: Day hike to the Nub for epic views of the surrounding area. Afternoon tea at the lodge (highly recommended!).

Day 3: Packed up and hiked back to Mt Shark trailhead via Wonder Pass and Marvel Lake.

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