About Me

I grew up around Vancouver, BC, so I got my first taste of hiking in the nearby North Shore Mountains on the edge of the city, which led to a lifelong obsession with hiking, especially in the mountains. Since then I have been exploring the mountains and coasts of the Pacific Northwest, as well as the BC Rockies and international destinations. My first overseas adventure was walking the West Highland Way in Scotland. A few years later, I upped my game with a 4 month trip to New Zealand. Since then I have also been to Iceland, Norway, Switzerland, the Alps and Pyrenees in France, a little piece of the Italian Alps, Tasmania, Patagonia, the canyonlands of the southwest USA and New Zealand again for another 3 months. For the last decade I have lived on Vancouver Island, which is a great base to explore the Pacific Northwest.

One of my favourite things is planning the next trip and building a ridiculously ambitious bucket list. Lately I have been getting a lot of great information and inspiration from the personal blogs of hikers and photographers (all for free), so my blog is an attempt to give something back. Hopefully you find it useful for your research. Feel free to email me if you need any more information or tips.

Happy trails,