Mount Scott, Crater Lake, Oregon

On our drive down to California to hike the John Muir Trail, we stopped at Crater Lake for a day, drove around the rim and hiked up Mt. Scott, the highest peak on the caldera. The drive around the rim is fully paved and takes about an hour if you don’t stop but plan for several hours to takes several hours to check out the many viewpoints. The trail only takes a few hours, leaving plenty of time to drive around the entire crater and check out the many viewpoints.

Wizard Island can be visited on a boat trip, which leaves from a dock on the north side of the crater, about 20 minutes drive from Rim Village.

Mt Scott Trail

The trailhead is on Rim Drive and is about 25 minutes drive from Rim Village along the south side of the crater. The trail is in great shape and easy to follow. There is a decent amount of elevation gain but overall it’s a moderate hike that will only take about an hour to get to the top, where there is a panoramic view. The trailhead is in Crater Lake National Park, so you’ll need either a day pass or annual pass to visit.

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