Cathedral Provincial Park, BC

On our way to the Rockies, we spent 3 days in Cathedral Provincial Park near the town of Keremeos in the Okanagan of BC. Instead of spending a day grinding our way up the access trail to the core area of the park, we opted to pay for a ride up with the Cathedral Lakes Lodge, which is located right beside the provincial park campsite we were staying at. Although it was rough, bumpy ride, it was well worth the price to save a day up and a day down.

There is a private lodge operating in the park but also several provincial park campsites. The lodge allows campers to eat dinner in their dining room. We camped at the site near the lodge and treated ourselves to one of their dinners. I highly recommend it.

There are many trails and loops starting from the core area and one could easily spend up to a week exploring the area. We only had 3 days but still managed to see a good chunk of the park, which has beautiful lakes, forest, otherworldly rock formations and ridges with expansive views.

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