Yak Peak, BC

Yak Peak is a prominent granite mountain that towers over the Coquihalla Highway. It’s one of several great hikes that are easily accessed from the Coquihalla Summit Recreation Area between Hope and Merritt. It’s a very steep hike but pays off with an awesome view from the summit.


  • 5.5 km (return)
  • 829 m elevation gain
  • 5-6 hours hiking (return)
  • Difficulty: Hard


From Hope, then take the Coquihalla Hwy north towards Merritt. About 25-30 minutes drive from Hope, take Exit 217, turn left through the underpass under the highway and park in the Zopkios Rest Area (free parking). Walk north along the highway for about 800m; when you pass a cement barrier, walk until you pass 5 lamp posts, until you see some flagging tape. Follow the tape down into the bush, cross a wet area and find the trail in the forest.


The trail drops down the bank into the bush, crosses a muddy ditch and then starts climbing through the forest. Once it enters the forest, the trail is more obvious and easy to follow. It immediately goes up and soon becomes steep. Cross a boulder field, keeping an eye out for flagging and continue up until you reach a steep granite slope. Turn right and follow the toe of this slope, following a rougher trail, until you reach a smaller granite slab, where you veer a bit left and head straight up the slope. One section has a rope to assist you up the slippery granite. The trail then heads up to an alpine meadow, where you’ll likely see a marmot or two. Yak Peak is on the left. Continue up to a ridge and go left to reach a saddle between Yak Peak and its sub summit on the left. Yak Peak is on the right. There are excellent views from both. Be careful if snow is present, there are some dangerous drop-offs.


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