In September 2011, I spent 4 weeks in Switzerland with a quick stopover in Chamonix, France for a few day hikes around Mt. Blanc before starting the Walker’s Haute Route trail to Zermatt back into Switzerland. It was an amazing trip and one of my favourite countries. My whole trip went off without a hitch (except one freak snow storm); perfect weather on most days, incredible scenery and an efficient transportation system that ran like…well…a Swiss watch….that made getting around really easy and spectacular mountains. Every day had epic views.

I spent my first few days based out of Grindelwald in the Bernese Alps and did some day hikes and gondola trips to surrounding areas such as Lauterbrunnen, Jungfraujoch and Schilthorn, which was used as a villain’s mountain base in one of the old James Bond movies. After that I took a train to Chamonix, took the gondola up to the Aiguilles du Midi and did a few day hikes, then started the multi-day hike ending in Zermatt in Switzerland. I spent a few days in Zermatt doing more day hikes, then another day hike to the Aletschgletscher (largest glacier in the Alps) before taking the Glacier Express train to St. Moritz in eastern Switzerland, where I did a few more day hikes and had 2 feet of snow dumped on my tent one night.


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