Brandywine Mountain, Coast Mountains, BC

This is my favourite hike in the Coast Mountains (so far!). I hiked it in late August 2017 on a perfect clear, sunny, hot day and had one of the best days of my life. It was mid week, so I only saw about a half dozen people on the trail, mostly in the meadows and one other person on the summit. 

It’s was a bit a rough road getting to the trailhead but a high clearance vehicle would be best. I ended up parking at the lower trailhead, which added some elevation gain. The hike climbs through shady forest, skirts a clear cut, then quickly reaches the beautiful Brandywine Meadows, full of colourful wildflowers, an idyllic creak and surrounded by mountains. It’s a great destination in itself but I really wanted to get up to the summit, so I continued across the meadows to the end of the valley. From the end of the meadows, I headed steeply uphill to the south (left) and grinded my way up to a ridge where an awesome view of the surrounding mountains exploded in front of me. From there I continued along a ridge up to the summit of Brandywine Mountain, where an epic 360 degree panorama gave a commanding view of the surroundings, a true wilderness of seemingly endless peaks. This was a great place to chill out for a few hours before reluctantly heading back to my truck. 



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