Isle of Mull, Scotland

I had the best time on the Isle of Mull. It’s a fairly big island with a great variety of scenery from rugged coast to high hills and some fascinating offshore islands rife with wildlife.

Day 1: I day hiked along the coast to the Carsaig Arches, a really impressive rock formation of pillars, sea caves and basalt columns…and some friendly feral goats. With the long daylight hours, I decided to also squeeze in a quick hike up to the summit of Ben More, the highest point on the island.

Day 2: Boat trip to the Treshnish Isles and the Isle of Staffa. The amount and variety of bird life on Lunga, the largest of the Treshnish Isles, blew my mind. The Isle of Staffa is a unique island made of large basalt columns with a huge sea cave. During the crossing we also saw dolphins and other sea life. What a day! One of the best of my life.

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