East Sooke Park, Vancouver Island

This post is still under construction. I will add some descriptions of the various loop trails later.

East Sooke Park is my favourite hiking spot near Victoria and my go to place for a day hike on the weekend in the off-season. Although it’s not as wild as the more famous coastal trails on Vancouver Island, it is just as scenic but without all the mud. On a clear day there is a beautiful view of the Olympic Mountains across Juan de Fuca Strait. The coast is rugged and rocky and lined with large sea cliffs broken up by small coves and beaches. Although the coast is the main draw, the park also contains some beautiful rainforest and areas of old growth with huge trees and few minor hills (Mt Maguire and Babbington Hill) with great views of the Olympic Mountains. You will also have a good chance of spotting marine wildlife such as seals, sea lions and if you’re really lucky, whales.

There are several parking lots to access the park:

  • Aylard Farm on the east end is the main parking lot and the busiest area
  • Pike Point on the west end
  • Endurance Ridge Trailhead (no parking lot, just a few pullouts on the road with enough room for half a dozen vehicles)
  • Park Heights Drive

The coast trail is about 10 km one way between Aylard Farm parking lot and Pike Point.


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