Rock Isle, Laryx and Grizzly Lakes, Banff National Park

This is a very easy half day loop from the Sunshine Meadows Ski Area near the town of Banff that could easily turn into a full day of walking and relaxing. This is a very popular hike, so you will likely have to put up with throngs of people during the summer but you could avoid the crowds by going very early or later in the afternoon. Check the weather forecast before going because this would be a really unfortunate place to get caught in a thunderstorm.

There is a shuttle that takes up from the Sunshine Village parking area to the ski area. If you don’t want to pay for the shuttle, you can walk for 1.5 hours up a boring road.

Note: You can also use this area as a starting point for the multi-day hike to Mt Assiniboine via Citadel Pass.

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