Valley of Ten Peaks & Sentinel Pass, Banff National Park

The hike to Sentinel Pass through Valley of Ten Peaks is one that I have been trying to do for years but was always stymied by the requirement to hike in a group of 4 people because of the presence of grizzly bears. I finally got lucky in August 2017 as the requirement was lifted due to the lack of bears in the valley. I got up very early and hit the trail only to get turned back at Sentinel Pass due to a rainstorm that turned into flurries. The forecast for the next day was much better, so I got up early again and was treated to an excellent day. I hiked up to Sentinel Pass, then dropped down into the next valley (the incredible Paradise Valley), hung out there for awhile, then hiked back up and over Sentinel Pass, then up the Valley of Ten Peaks.

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