Mt Dickerman, Cascades, Washington

In early June 2015, my friend Brian and I spent a weekend down in the Cascades and did two day hikes off the Mountain Loop Highway: Mt Dickerman and Gothic Basin.

Mt Dickerman is an awesome day hike that is easy to get to and close to Seattle, so don’t expect any solitude although the stunning panoramic view from the top makes up for the crowds. On a clear day, you’ll get a good view of Glacier Peak, Mt Baker way off in the distance and a huge swath of the North Cascades. There is a lot of elevation gain but it’s softened by many switchbacks and a well maintained trail.

Make sure to bring all of your water because there are few reliable water sources along the trail and they might be dry later in the hiking season.


The trailhead is in a large parking lot right off the Mountain Loop Highway, about 27 km east of Verlot Public Service Center.


Round Trip: 14 km, 1200 m elevation gain, 5-6 hours

The trailhead is signed and starts at the east end of the parking lot. Enter old growth forest and begin ascending on long, gradual switchbacks. As the trees thin out, you’ll get some limited views to the south across the Mountain Loop Hwy until you reach an alpine meadow where the view explodes. Reach the summit in about 3:15-3:30 hours, where there is an awesome panoramic view.

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