Faroe Islands

In early June 2016, I spent a week exploring the incredible Faroe Islands, which has to be one of the most unique and stunningly beautiful places in the world. I have never seen anything like it. It was sunny and dry for the entire week I was there, which is a miracle according to the locals, as it is often foggy and wet. The Faroes are a cluster of many islands of different shapes and sizes, with dramatic sea cliffs, mountains and thousands of sea birds. The sheer size of some of the sea cliffs, like Vestmanna Bird Cliffs, blew my mind. My pictures don’t do them justice, you have to check it out for yourself.

I was lucky to be there during the nesting season of many seabirds, including puffins, which I have always wanted to see. They are so damn cute!


Day 1: Boat trip from Sorvagur to the island of Mykines. Hike through puffin colony to the lighthouse.

Day 2: Hike on the hills around the lake Leitisvatn on Vagar.

Day 3: Hike up Slaetarratindur, the highest mountain in the Faroes.

Day 4: Boat trip to the Vestmanna Bird Cliffs. Visit to the Vestmanna museum.

Day 5: Day hike above Klaksvik. Late evening boat trip around Kunoy.

Day 6: Hike up a mountain near Vidareidi.

Day 7: Flight out to Edinburgh, Scotland.

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