Lassen Peak, California

Lassen Peak Trail

  • 5.0 miles / 8.0 km round trip
  • 2000 ft / 610 m elevation gain
  • 3-5 hours round trip
  • Summit elevation is 10,457 ft / 3,187 m

On my drive back to BC from Yosemite National Park, I stopped in Lassen Volcanic National Park and did a quick day hike up Lassen Peak. It’s a straightforward hike up the flank of an impressive volcano that blew its top in the early 1915 and laid waste to the surroundings. Once you get to the summit, you can explore the pumice filled crater or take in the panoramic view of the surrounding volcanic landscape of pumice fields, craters, small cinder cones and Mt Shasta, a massive, snow covered volcano Mt Shasta. I hiked it on a sunny Saturday in September and found it to be very crowded, so it would be better to go mid-week or start early in the morning. The trail itself is well made and maintained, easy to follow and, despite the significant elevation gain over a short distance, it is easier than it looks because of the numerous, well graded switchbacks. It took me slightly more than an hour on the way up but I just gave’er as fast as I could because I still had a long way to drive afterwards, so 1.5-2 hours on the way up is probably more reasonable. The trailhead parking lot is right on the only road that cuts through the park, so you can’t miss it. There are pit toilets in the parking lot but no facilities on the trail or the summit. There are some interpretive signs at the summit explaining the local geology.

A description of the trail can be found on the NPS website:

Although I was only in the park for half a day, I was impressed by it and would like to explore it further. There are many interesting looking trails to check out.  Information about the park can be found on the NPS website:



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